The beginning of my query journey…

…is starting off pretty good so far, mostly because I haven’t actually sent one out yet. 😛 I’m thrilled and anxious to the point of feeling more bloated than I’d like to feel, but for the first time, rejection is not a deterring factor. I’m a 44-year-old mother of a very confident and spunky 7-year-old girl and she has been my main achievement in life and no rejection at this point could destroy me. I’m also old enough to realize that rejection is not that big of a deal. I’m sure after I receive MANY rejections I’ll start suffering from some form of loser/imposter syndrome and that’s okay. It’s a part of the journey.

I’ve researched and created a list of agents that I’m super excited about, one of which I even whispered “yes” after reading their bio and wishlist. Also, a friend who I admire greatly happened to be on a list of clients of another agent I’m querying offered to look at my letter, offer feedback, and use her name as a reference. I can’t express how grateful I am for her and other supporting authors’ advice who want to see you succeed. Now that I’ve received feedback, I’m a little more overwhelmed than before because it’s added more additions and challenges BUT it’s also made my letter even better. ❤️

Another hurdle is that The Black Stone Cycle is a YA science fiction series, which can be a tricky genre. The market is small and it’s sometimes a hard sell, but I’m hoping the readability and fast-paced tone of my writing will be captivating enough. I may have to rebrand as YA/adult crossover.

When I was younger I wanted to write a million books, but I never knew the reality of actually getting people to read your stories. I am also an artist and musician…it’s so much easier to ask someone to look at a piece of art or spend a few minutes of their life listening to a song you wrote, but it’s a huge investment and ask to get someone to read a 95,000-word novel. A writer’s life can be a lonely one. Friends are excited to hear that I am writing a book and I can explain a little of what it’s about, but it’s fast and fleeting and sometimes I walk away feeling awkward.

Want to know my ultimate goal/dream? I’d love to find the perfect most wonderful agent who loves my books and characters as much as I do, and sees the potential in the series enough to market it as a TV show. The show becomes a nerdy success and fans dress like the characters and there are conventions and geeky fan-fiction being written and it becomes its own little amazing universe. That’s not too much to ask right? 🖖

But listen, even if none of that works out and all I get are a virtual pile of “no thank yous” or ghost rejections, my books will still end up somewhere. I will self-publish, keep up my attempts at representation, and continue writing new books no matter what. It will be a success if only a handful of friends and family become fans of the story. The fact that I’ve written two books in the series already is a success!

I’ve been trapped in these thoughts all day in the fleshy maze called my brain and I’m glad I got some of them out in this post. Welcome to my new blog.

Let’s get this crazy journey started!



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