Who am I?

First off, I am a mom of an awesome human child and multiple dog children.  I am married to my best friend who enjoys writing and creating as much as I do and helps me in whatever way he can with my writing and when we first met, we spent years writing and playing music together.

My mother was from Taiwan and my father is an Irish/Hungarian New Yorker. I was born in Seoul, Korea and grew up there and Tokyo, Japan.  My life as a military brat was a nomadic one until I came to the Bay Area where I currently live and love.  I am grateful for my community and my friends.  I am truly lucky to be able to thrive here and raise my daughter in such a wonderful place.

I have been working on several books and series for many years and I finally after 15 years am finishing up with a series called The Black Stone Cycle.  My big dream is that some of my stories will be adapted for the small screen…yes, it is my dream to have a TV show! I am currently in the process of finding an agent which is exciting and harrowing.

I also paint paintings and did an epic painting a day project you can view that and all my art at my art blog:  Day of the Artist.  I am hoping to have some shows in the near future.

I design toys for dogs and we are starting on kids toys.  We haven’t officially launched but our toys are available online and on amazon.  You can check that out here: The Ghoulies

I am still living every day asking, “Who am I?” and raising my kid to ask the same question and so far I am doing a pretty good job.


Linda Patricia Cleary